Initial Nutritional Assessment

This is where we get to know each other...

Your detailed assessment will adress 3 areas

  1. Introduction: This is when we talk about what's bugging you. It's not just about the food part of nutrition, but what else in your life that may be affecting your ability to be healthy, balanced and looking and feeling your best.
  2. Planning: We'll talk about what your plan is going to look like. What your goals are, your level of commitment, what tools will work for you and what your time frame is.
  3. Accountability: When making a change in our wellness skill set, we usually don't have a lot of success on our own. Most people  need the  accountability  factor to make lasting progress. Over coming bad habits to find the happy, healthy, and balanced you is possible!


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30 minute mini session $50   1 1/2 hour full assessment $200