Meet Toni Hodge

Toni Hodge is a wholistic health practitioner and transformational life coach. She holds a degree in integrative nutrition and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Her passion is guiding people through health challenges and lifestyle transformations. Toni uses the alchemy of simple wholefood nutrition and personal internal transformation to bring the mind, body and spirit into alignment to heal the whole.

Modalities used, but not limited to, are whole food plant based diet, herbs and herbal tinctures, teas, exercise, meditation and yoga, essential oils and Reiki.

Toni is a tea designer for her unique tea company, Divine Lotus Tea Company and has been an herbalist for more than 30 years. She also owns and operates Shangri-La Tearoom and Vegetarian Restaurant, a vegetarian, vegan, raw and special needs restaurant in Boise, Idaho.